About Us: Acting Now is a social theatre company based in Cambridge (UK). Our goal is to transform lives through theatre. We put social, political and civic causes at the forefront of our work and devise creative drama projects that breathe life into the important social challenges facing participants and audiences alike.

We use various drama techniques to engage with people who are at risk of social exclusion. We work with learning disabled people, adults with mental health challenges, the homeless and young people, among others, using theatre to reflect, explore and analyse the issues that affect them. The workshops provide a space where the participants can develop self-confidence, new skills and transform their own reality using theatre. With them, we also develop high quality plays that are performed in the local community.

Acting Now has a good local and international reputation. To scale our impact we work alongside charities and local authorities and strong partnerships have been forged with a large number of community organisations (such as Rowan, Cambridge Cancer Help Centre and Wintercomfort) so as to support their service users in their future endeavours.

At Acting Now we believe theatre is a platform to empower people and a great tool to help those at risk of social exclusion to unlock their potential and drive change in their lives.


  • Promote the development of people for a more just world.
  • Develop projects to imply the voices of people with needs.
  • Promote an organization that is creative, inclusive and non-discriminatory for any their gender, age, race, ethnic or religious group, class, sexuality, disability or lifestyle.
  • Help the vital transformation of people at risk of social exclusion and the development of a community closer.
  • Work on equality but also on personal diversity accepting that every person is unique.
  • Develop inclusive, provocative and quality plays.

Interests: Peacebuilding, Climate Change, Human Rights, Social Engagement, Empowerment, Translation


Our Address:

Cambridge, UK


52.205337, 0.12181699999996454



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