DABATEATR is a theater company founded in 2004 by stage director Jaouad Essounani and a group of artists from different geographical and artistic disciplines to promote a «free cultural, citizenship, and artistic action» while maintaining the principle of a theater meant to be «elitist but for all», that is to say, a theater that does not demean the art, gives some room for the artist and helps the public, through the creations, to think and react.

In 2008, the company DABATEATR was joined by the writer and playwright Driss Ksikes with the aim of creating the play «Il / Howa» which marks the first collaboration between Essounani and Ksikes. Since then, DABATEATR took a new turn, going beyond creation, and providing the company with a new dynamic.
Today DABATEATR has established a platform for hosting various art forms to create bridges between different artistic disciplines, cultures and societies.

What we stand for
• For an artistic approach of diversity but no indifference
• For the perspective of the citizen, not the city ones.
• For an approach which brings us together instead of
unifying us.
• For an art that is popular but not populistic.
• For an art that is humble but not submissive.
• For an art that is understandable and sensitive, rather
than intellectual and sensual.
• For a common plural of many individuals and not a sole
plural without the chance of an individual opinion.


Our Address:

Rabat, Morocco


33.9715904, -6.849812899999961



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