Based in Kisumu Kenya, I’m largely a self-taught performing artists and writer, though I did poetry and acting in high school around seventeen years ago. At that time I explored protest and love poetry rather than conventional acting and storytelling, so it’s been a joy to rediscover oral narration, acting, community theatre, acting for TV and stage as well as scripting in the last 15 years.

I am completely captivated by people, absorbed by their stories and history. I give great focus to details and authenticity while acting, writing or telling my stories. Whether just for my own enjoyment or for private commission, I love to reflect on a peoples way of life, their challenges, inspirations and their description of good and bad, holy and evil.

Company: Kisumu Arts Ensemble
Interested in: Peacebuilding, Climate Change, Human Rights, Social Engagement, Empowerment


Our Address:

Kisumu, Kenya


-0.0917016, 34.76795679999998



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